Communiforce offers functional, technical and business consultancy with a focus on the optimization of functionalities within systems.

With several years of work history within Avaya, we specialize in the Contactcenter-environments and the Avaya portfolio , but….our knowledge is much broader then that.

We can assist you with:

  • Requirement- analysis
  • Functional (re)design to get the most out of your existing/new telecom-environment.
  • Consolidation of multiple locations into a virtual environment.
  • Virtualization of contactcenters, both technical and processwise.
  • Assessment and optimization of your existing contact distribution.
  • Consultancy on the implementation of Avaya Business Advocate features.
  • Alignment of business requirements and customer satisfaction goals.

Communiforce has over 25 years experience with different world-leading vendors in multiple countries and can provide consultancy in the Dutch, English, German and French language.

For an overview of previous projects, please check the Customer-overview.